Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Business Health Matters Programme30/07/2021For Determination11/08/2021
The UK Resettlement Scheme and the appointment of a subcontractor to provide resettlement support in accordance with Home Office requirements30/07/2021For Determination04/08/2021
Wyre Dune and Beach Management Scheme21/07/2021For Determination08/2021
Innovative Resilience Fund ECO-CoBS21/07/2021For Determination08/2021
Forton Village Hall & Recreation Ground – Award of S106 monies to improve play area07/07/2021For DeterminationBefore 31/08/2021
Award of Bulky Household Waste Collection Contract07/07/2021For DeterminationBefore 31/08/2021
Wyre Borough Council Statement of Community Involvement - Adoption02/07/2021For Determination08/2021
Microsoft Enterprise Agreement17/06/2021For DeterminationBefore 31/08/2021
Disposal of Land at Bourne Hill, Fleetwood16/06/2021For Determination14/07/2021
Daniel Fold Farm Phase 2 (Catterall)01/06/2021For DeterminationBefore 31/07/2021
Paying by phone to park18/05/2021For Determination07/2021
Wyre Car Parks – Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Points14/05/2021For Determination07/2021
Provision of Public Conveniences11/05/2021For Determination14/07/2021
Revenue Budget, Council Tax and Capital Estimates (annual report)01/03/2021For Determination23/03/2022
Lambs Road/Raikes Road Masterplan29/10/2020For Determination14/07/2021
Local Government Ombudsman Annual Review (annual report)24/09/2020For Determination09/2021
Write Offs - Irrecoverable Debts (annual / ad hoc reports)16/03/2020For DeterminationBefore 31/12/2030 The reporting of Council Tax write-offs.
Capital Programme Review and Monitoring Report (mid year annual report)16/01/2020For Determination20/10/2021
Cost Profiles – benchmarking results (annual report)05/12/2019For Determination20/10/2021
Medium Term Financial Plan (annual report)05/12/2019For Determination20/10/2021
Asset Disposals (ad hoc reports)05/12/2019For DeterminationBefore 31/12/2030
Asset Disposals (ad hoc reports)05/12/2019For DeterminationBefore 31/12/2030
Property Investments (ad hoc reports)08/11/2019For DeterminationBefore 31/12/2030
Repairs to various buildings (ad hoc reports)23/10/2019For DeterminationBefore 31/12/2030
Cash Receipting System Phase 2 Upgrade15/02/2019For DeterminationBefore 31/12/2021
Treasury Management Policy Statement & Practices, Treasury Management & Annual Investment Strategy, Minimum Revenue Provision Policy Statement & Capital Strategy (annual report)10/05/2018For Determination23/03/2022 Annual Report
Fees and charges (annual report)10/05/2018For DeterminationBefore 31/12/2021