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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, public meetings are not taking place for the foreseeable future. Following a decision taken by Cabinet, executive decisions and certain non-executive decisions are being delegated to officers using emergency powers invoked during a major incident. For delegated decisions please go to Decisions Taken Under Emergency Powers

Calendar of Meetings
Dates of all upcoming council committee meetings and portfolio holder decisions.

Schedule of Executive Decisions
The forward plans published by the council, which list the key-decisions that the Cabinet and individual portfolio holders plan to make in the coming months.

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Search for decisions taken by the council’s decision making committees and portfolio holders.

To find documents published May 2011 to May 2018 visit decisions 2011-2018. For earlier historic archive documents prior to May 2011, please email Democratic Services stating the committee, meeting date and whether you require agenda, reports, minutes or a decision notice.

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