Agenda and draft minutes

Audit Committee- Emergency Powers Decisions, Emergency Powers Non-Executive Decisions - Tuesday, 4th August, 2020 6.00 pm

Venue: Remote Access

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Declarations of interest

Members and Officers will disclose any pecuniary and any other significant interests they may have in relation to the matters under consideration.




Confirmation of the minutes pdf icon PDF 122 KB

To confirm as a correct record the minutes of the Emergency Powers Non-Executive Decisions meeting held on 16 June 2020.


The minutes of the Emergency Powers meeting, which dealt with decisions normally reserved for Audit Committee, held on Tuesday 16 June 2020 were confirmed as a correct record.


Statement of Accounts 'Training'- 2019/2020 pdf icon PDF 3 MB

The Corporate Director Resources (and S151 Officer) will make a presentation.


During the course of her presentation the Corporate Director Resources will refer to a guidance document published by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, which can be viewed via the following link:


She will also refer to information published with this agenda.


The Corporate Director Resources (Section 151 Officer) asked the Chair if she would like the presentation, which had been distributed with the agenda, to be given at the meeting. Councillor McKay confirmed she had read the agenda and understood the training provided and felt there was no need for this to be repeated at the meeting.



Statement of Accounts (Pre-Audit)- 2019/2020 pdf icon PDF 88 KB

Report of the Corporate Director Resources (and S151 Officer).

Additional documents:


The Corporate Director Resources (Section 151 Officer) submitted the Statement of Accounts (Pre-Audit) 2019/20 for the Chair of the Audit Committee to consider.


The Corporate Director Resources (Section 151 Officer) introduced the report and stated that it reflected a non-typical year end due to the impact of Covid-19. She highlighted the change of deadlines and the hope that she would be able to bring to the next meeting, in November, an audited set of accounts for 2019/2020.


All attendees confirmed there had been no questions from Audit Committee Members.


As in previous years for Audit Committee, in order to assist with the interpretation of the report and to demonstrate robust member scrutiny prior to approval, the Corporate Director Resources (Section 151 Officer) submitted a set of Questions and Answers (attached as a supplementary document to the agenda), which highlighted a number of issues or areas of interest arising from the accounts.


The Corporate Director Resources and the Head of Finance drew attention in particular to the following questions and answers:

·       Question 2- revenue variances,

·       Question 3- postage overspend,

·       Question 4- YMCA subsidy,

·       Question 7- employee cost (including training) savings,

·       Question 13- waste collection related income streams,

·       Question 14- income from Resident Parking Permits,

·       Question 17- revenue slippage,

·       Question 18- the three highest slippage requests,

·       Question 19- efficiency savings,

·       Question 21- reasons for 40% of the budget being made up from capital slippage,

·       Question 24- differences between CIES (Comprehensive Income and Expenditure Statement) figures and the increase in balances,

·       Question 27- current assets,

·       Question 28- increase in liabilities,

·       Question 31- the Non-Domestic Rates Equalisation Reserve and the impact of joining the Lancashire Business Rates Pool 75% Business Rates Retention Pilot in 2019/20 and

·       Question 37- the recommendations from last year’s audit.


Councillor McKay asked questions regarding the impact of Covid-19 on the council’s reserves, slippage and income for homelessness and current discussions with the council’s external auditors.


The Corporate Director Resources (Section 151 Officer) passed on her gratitude to the Finance team, external audit and to everyone across the Council who had helped in the compilation of the draft accounts.


After discussion, the Chair of the Audit Committee (Councillor McKay) agreed:

1)    The Accounting Policies selected and applied by the Council, as required by International Accounting Standard No. 8: Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors, which were set out as Note 2 to the Financial Statements of the agenda, be approved;

2)    The Council’s Statement of Accounts 2019/20,  be approved subject to audit;

3)    The major variations in expenditure and income, the proposed slippage and the resulting impact on the level of the Council’s reserves and balances at 31 March 2020 be noted; and

4)    That the accounts were subject to robust member scrutiny/discussion.