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This page lists the meetings for Cabinet.

For agendas, minutes and decisions prior to 2018 you can visit Wyre decisions before 2018.


Information about Cabinet

Wyre’s Cabinet (sometimes called the Executive) make many of the ongoing decisions on how the council’s budget is spent. The maximum number of Cabinet members is 8 plus the Leader. The Leader is elected by Full Council and chooses the Deputy Leader and the other members of the Cabinet.


Cabinet is responsible for implementing the budget and policy framework approved by the Full Council. It is not allowed to make any decisions outside the council’s budget and policies.


Details of all the major executive decisions (key decisions) that will be taken in the next four months and any decisions that will be taken in private are published at least 28 days beforehand.


Meetings of the Cabinet are held approximately every 4 weeks on Wednesdays at 5pm and, unless personal or confidential matters are being discussed, members of the public may attend.