Agenda and draft minutes

Employment and Appeals Committee - Monday, 22nd February, 2021 6.00 pm

Venue: Committee Room 2, Civic Centre, Poulton-Le-Fylde

Contact: Marianne Unwin  Assistant Democratic Serivces Officer

No. Item


Apologies for absence




Declarations of interest

Members will disclose any pecuniary and any other significant interests they may have in relation to the matters to be considered at this meeting.




Confirmation of Minutes pdf icon PDF 127 KB

To confirm as a correct record, the minutes of the previous meeting of the Employment and Appeals Committee held on 2 November 2020.


The Committee confirmed the minutes of the Employment and Appeals Committee meeting held on 2 November 2020 as a correct record.


Policy Review pdf icon PDF 152 KB

Report of the Head of Business Support.


The Head of Business Support submitted a report presenting seven of the Council’s existing Human Resources policies and procedures that had been reviewed and updated.


The Senior Human Resources Advisor, Jane Collier, introduced the report and provided members with a brief overview of the proposed policy amendments.


Recruitment and Selection Policy pdf icon PDF 246 KB


The Senior Human Resources Advisor introduced this policy to members and explained that the amendments were relatively minor.


She particularly brought the Committee’s attention to Section 2.2, which surrounded a clarification on volunteers. Also, she stated that the policy included a section on reasonable interview expenses.


Agency Worker Procedure pdf icon PDF 614 KB


Mrs Collier summarised the amendments to this policy. She included that section 4.5 had been updated to include that if a pregnant agency worker is unable to complete their assigned work due to health and safety reasons, then it is reasonable for the agency to find more suitable work. In addition, section 4.6 included updated details on the equal treatment of agency workers regarding termination.


Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Policy pdf icon PDF 349 KB


The Senior Human Resources Advisor explained that the amendments to this policy was considered due to the recent and on-going impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. She proclaimed that the risk assessment for pregnant workers (section 3.2) now included a consideration of vulnerability in a pandemic situation.


Councillor Collinson joined the meeting during the discussions of this item.


Pay and TOIL Policy pdf icon PDF 309 KB


The Senior Human Resources Advisor, explained that amendments to the Pay and TOIL Policy usually came before the Employment and Appeals Committee on a recurring basis.


She stated that this review was part of the three yearly process. The main amendment to this policy was an inclusion of information about relocation expenses.


Probationary Policy and Procedure pdf icon PDF 388 KB


Mrs Collier explained to members that there had been amendments made to the ‘WOW’ values. She expressed the importance of these values and that they are communicated to the staff of Wyre from their first months of employment.


A further amendment she updated members on was at section 3.2 of the Probationary Policy and Procedure. Mrs Collier clarified that if a member of staff unfortunately wanted to leave the council while they are in their probation phase then they must provide their contractual notice.


Purchase of Additional Annual Leave pdf icon PDF 229 KB


The Senior Human Resources Advisor presented this policy and explained that it included only minor amendments, but she was happy to take any questions from members.


Volunteer Policy pdf icon PDF 209 KB


The Senior Human Resources Advisor explained that the Volunteer Policy had been reviewed in conjunction with the Volunteer Coordinator in order to be in line with current best practice.


She explained that section 5.1 included a recognition that staff were entitled to one day leave per year for voluntary or charity work through the Well-being Champion Scheme. She also stated that staff were entitled to unpaid leave.


Questions were raised by members around the rational of the allowance of one day per year.


Mrs Collier explained that this was relatively in line with many other Local Authorities and she highlighted the Council’s recognition of additional unpaid leave. Regarding the number of days, she stated that if the committee approved this policy she was happy to go back to the Management Team to discuss this further and then bring this policy back to the next Employment and Appeals meeting.


Decision taken


Following discussion, the Committee approved all of the following reviewed Human Resources Policies and Procedures:


·         Recruitment and Selection Policy

·         Agency Worker Procedure

·         Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Policy

·         Pay and TOIL Policy

·         Probationary Policy and Procedure

·         Purchase of Additional Annual Leave

·         Volunteer Policy


The Chair concluded by thanking the Senior Human Resources Advisor for her contribution and attendance.